Shropshire’s home fixtures finalised in LTA’s Seniors’ Inter-County Championships

Shropshire’s home fixtures in this year’s LTA’s Seniors’ Inter-County Championships have been finalised.

All matches will take place on the indoor courts at The Shrewsbury Club as the various Shropshire age group teams target another enjoyable and successful season.

The county run teams in the 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 75 ladies age groups while they are represented in the men’s competition in the 45, 50 and 65 age groups.

Teams from across England, Scotland and Wales enter each year, which can often mean long distances to travel for the Shropshire sides, with potentially trips north to face the West of Scotland or south to take on Dorset.  

All teams appreciate support from spectators at home matches, with fixtures comprising either singles or doubles matches.

The Shropshire squads regularly meet to practice with the teams then selected. Players are always delighted and honoured to be given the chance to represent the county.   

Pictured: Shropshire’s ladies 70 team opened the new season in the LTA’s Seniors’ Inter-County Championships with a trip to Yorkshire.

Shropshire’s home fixtures for 2019

Tuesday, May 21: 75 ladies v Buckinghamshire, 12:30pm
Saturday, May 25: 45 men v Leicestershire, 1pm
Thursday, May 30: 65 ladies v Northumberland. 9:30am

Thursday, June 13: 70 ladies v West of Scotland, 1:30pm
Sunday, June 16: 50 men v Sussex, 1pm
Thursday, June 20: 60 ladies v Hertfordshire, 12:30pm
Sunday, June 23: 40 ladies v Oxfordshire, 1pm
Tuesday, June 25: 60 ladies v Middlesex, 12:30pm
Sunday. June 30: 40 ladies v Wiltshire, 9am
Sunday, June 30: 50 men v Kent, 1pm

Tuesday, July 2: 70 ladies v Lincolnshire, 1pm
Sunday, July 7: 65 men v Leicestershire, 1pm
Tuesday, July 16: 65 ladies v Leicestershire, 1pm

Sunday, August 11: 65 men v West of Scotland, 9:30am

Saturday, September 7: 45 men v South Wales, 1pm
Sunday, September 8: 50 ladies v Northumberland, 10am
Sunday, September 15: 50 ladies v East of Scotland, 10am
Sunday, September 15: 65 men v Lincolnshire, 1pm
Tuesday, September 17: 75 ladies v Hampshire, 11am