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Walking Tennis - part time, salaried, job opportunity with Tennis Shropshire

Hours - 16 hours/week, part time

Contract duration - 9 months

Salary - £1,200/month plus results based performance bonus

Following a successful grant application, Tennis Shropshire is looking to recruit an enthusiastic and well organised self-employed tennis lover to become a champion of walking tennis in Shropshire.

Full details are available in this job description.

Please contact us for further information after reading the Job Description..


Our mission is to grow tennis even further in Shropshire, making it relevant, accessible, welcoming, and enjoyable for everyone - regardless of (dis)ability, age, gender, or background. We prioritise equality and diversity in all of our initiatives including schools schemes and women/girls in tennis.

In order to carry out our programmes of participation, performance and outreach within the county, we need to generate an income each year. We are therefore actively looking for sponsors who can support us financially.

In return, our sponsorship partners will be associated with an inclusive sport played by tens of thousands of participants of all ages across all segments of society. Shropshire tennis supports a growing network of 40 tennis clubs, 50 plus LTA accredited coaches and thousands of players throughout the county.

We can work together to:

Sponsorships are available from as little as £1,500. Please contact us for further sponsorship information.


Interested in helping out?

Tennis in Shropshire is dependent on our many excellent volunteers who work day in day out to support tennis at club and county level and we are enormously grateful to them for everything they do. By volunteering, they know that they are making a real difference to people's lives in the county. Tennis brings so many benefits, both mental and physical, to everyone who plays and also much enjoyment to those who enjoy spectating.

Our volunteers are the people who make this happen.

If you would like to become a tennis volunteer, either at club or county level or by volunteering for major events, then please in the first instance contact us.

If you are already a volunteer, the LTA has made a short video to welcome and thank you for the work which you do.

Tennis Futures Programme

Tennis Shropshire runs a very successful Tennis Cadets and Futures programme. This is aimed at young people between the ages of 14-to-19 years old and is free for those taking part, although there is a cost for some courses which bring their own qualifications.

The programme consists of 6 sessions of on court training covering subjects such as competition organisation, first aid, accessible tennis, support for open days, safeguarding and major events. There is also a requirement for participants to volunteer at Tennis Shropshire events, helping to promote tennis in the county. Young people who successfully complete the course and achieve their volunteering hours are subsidised in completing their level 1 coaching course.

As well as tennis related elements the programme gives participants an opportunity to develop life skills such as effective communication, teamwork, planning and organisation. It's ideal for anyone interested in pursuing a career in tennis or in sports generally. It's also suitable for young people who simply want to expand their experience and add something to their CV.

To find out more or apply for an application form please contact us.

More Information On How You Can Help Us?

Get in touch with Tennis Shropshire with any questions about our sponsorship and volunteering tennis opportunities.