Disability Tennis

The LTA's Open Court Programme is a national scheme that actively promotes and delivers opportunities for disabled people to get involved in tennis. In Shropshire we are passionate about supporting this and getting as many people to play tennis as possible, regardless of their disability.

We have groups in the county for learning disabilities and complex mental illness as well as wheelchair tennis groups at the Cathy Sabin Community Tennis Centre and Telford Tennis Centre.

We are developing walking tennis and short tennis programmes which offer physical and mental benefits for those with chronic illness such as Parkinsons, those living with and beyond cancer, and those recovering from serious illness such as stroke or heart problems. We also have Visually Impaired tennis, which is one of the fastest growing sports for those with sight loss.

There really is a type of tennis for everyone!

We want to grow the number of people playing so if you or someone you know would like to try tennis we'd love to hear from you - please contact us here.

If you'd like to find out more about wheelchair tennis take a look at the LTA Wheelchair Tennis information leaflet

Read more information on what's happening further afield on the LTA website disability page.

Get In Touch About Disability Tennis

Get in touch with Tennis Shropshire with any questions about our disability tennis.