Improve Your Tennis Skills

There's more than forty LTA accredited coaches working in Shropshire, mostly based at one or more LTA registered clubs. It's important that you choose an LTA accredited coach as LTA accreditation gives you the assurance that the coach is up to date with their professional development and has a current safeguarding check.

Tennis is a technical game so an experienced coach is invaluable in developing correct technique which will not only minimise the possibility of injury but will also help you play to the best of your ability. An LTA accredited coach can also advise on choice of equipment, matchplay strategy for singles and doubles as well as pointing you in the right direction if you want to play in local leagues, county tournaments and even national competitions.

Most people join a group lesson which is a great way to start and also allows you to meet other players of a similar standard.

All coaches also offer individual lessons. These will be more expensive but they are the best way to fine tune your game.