A message to all volunteers

This week is the LTA National Volunteers week and Tennis Shropshire feel that at this moment in time, more than ever, it is important to say thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who play a huge part in supporting tennis across Shropshire. Without the commitment of volunteers our job would be impossible and this year especially as a result of Covid-19 has put a lot demands on clubs and their committees to get through this period. I think we would all agree that the LTA have done in tremendous job in supporting clubs and coaches but this has also meant a lot of extra work for the volunteers who are involved in the running of Tennis Clubs with all the work involved applying for grants/loans etc that all take time.
Now we are starting to come out of the lockdown and we can get back to playing tennis this again requires more work for clubs to ensure that all the correct measures are place to ensure our members can play tennis safely. Along with this there has been the pressures on retaining membership and reviewing how membership will be renewed. 
This extra work load as well as monitoring all the updates has been endless and so on behalf of Tennis Shropshire I would like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work you have done as volunteers and would ask that you share this with everyone in your club who supports both you as a club and us as a county in making Shropshire a wonderful county in which to play tennis.
Best wishes,
Simon Jones
Chair - Tennis Shropshire