Play Your Way

From now on, it’s tennis on your terms. So grab a racket, big or small, and get hitting. Hit like no one’s watching, hit like no one’s judging. However and wherever, just Play Your Way.

Play Your Way is an invitation to anyone and everyone, creating a more inclusive world around tennis that celebrates individualism and welcomes all styles of playing. The campaign will see the LTA build on the current boom in interest by promoting tennis across the country, further raising awareness and the visibility of the sport with advertising on TV, online and in communities throughout Britain.

The first campaign film encourages people to “just have a go” by featuring nostalgic clips of tennis balls being hit, lost and found, set against a backdrop of modern Britain, rejuvenating a sport that has been commonly misrepresented to be elitist.

Following the events of the past few months, there couldn’t be a better time to remind people how accessible tennis is and that it is open for business this summer. Play Your Way has organically started to come to life this summer as tennis in all its guises is being enjoyed across the country. People are making their own rules, scoring as they please, playing in homes, gardens and parks up and down the country with makeshift rackets, balls and courts. Fans of other sports, and people just looking to socialise, are taking to parks to play, seeking a safe space to exercise and spend time with friends.