Supporting your child in tennis competition - Optimal Competition Parenting Workshops

Would you like to have better knowledge and understanding of how to support your child when they are competing in tennis?

Unless you have played tennis competitively yourself, it can be very difficult to truly understand the requirements of the sport – mentally, physically and psychologically.  There are very few sports (if any) where a child at age 9 not only has to compete head to head with their opponent, but also referee/umpire their own match, whilst doing it all on a ‘centre stage’ watched by a critical audience.  It is not surprising, therefore, that frustrations and anxieties can boil over, leading to both parents and children struggling to cope with the pressures of competing.

However, those issues aside, as tennis enthusiasts, we also know what a rewarding sport it can be and how learning the skills which enable us to play tennis competitively provide not only good life-skills but also a hobby or profession which can be continued from age 8 to 80.  With this in mind, the LTA have got together with some of the leading tennis Sports Psychologists in the country to devise a parents’ workshop which will provide some insight and ideas for how you can best support your child in their tennis journey.  The workshop is delivered by sports psychologists  and offers ideas to support your child both on and off the court, how best to help your child to deal with some of the frustrations of tennis, when to speak (or not speak) to your child about their performance, and a host of other thought-provoking ideas to help you to optimally support them in competition.

This email it is because your child has either played regularly in the past or may be looking to play in the future Supporting your child in tennis competition - Optimal Competition Parenting Workshopsand therefore may be keen to progress in the sport.  With this in mind, I can definitely recommend that you take 2 hours to attend the course.  I only wish it had been available when my son was competing regularly and wanting to be the next Andy Murray!!

To coincide with ‘Parents in Sport’ week in October, we are putting on parenting workshops in most counties across the Midlands:-

Saturday 12th October 5.00 -7.00 pm The Shrewsbury Club Click HERE to book.

The workshop will benefit the parent of any child who is enjoying the sport and wanting to continue, regardless of ability. The cost of the workshop is £10 which is payable online at the point of booking – please use the hyperlinks above to go the LTA website page to start your booking.