There’s something fishy happening on our tennis courts

At Shrewsbury Lawn Tennis Club, off Town Walls, work has begun on cleaning up after the recent flood. 

The club’s groundsman, Keith Wooton, noticed something struggling in the receding water on the flooded grass courts. 

On investigation, Keith discovered a monster pike in obvious distress. 

He knew he had to do something quickly, so in the water he went and managed to get hold of the fish and carry it without delay back to the River Severn.

After rescuing the pike, he looked again and spotted more fish in the flood water. 

Keith needed some tools, so home he went and borrowed his neighbour’s landing net and a large bucket. 

He rescued a further 11 fish of various species including a rare grayling and a few chub and successfully returned them to the river. 

Keith said: “I couldn’t leave them to die, I had to do something. I am pleased it all worked out okay, but I must admit handling that huge pike was a bit scary.”

Pictured: Keith Wooton at Shrewsbury Lawn Tennis Club.