Town Walls Tennis Club Coffee Morning for Ukraine

A day that epitomised everything that Town Walls Tennis Club is so good at, and one that makes us proud to be members of this very special club.   

The day started early for some, arriving at 8.30am to prepare for the Coffee Morning, cake and book sale for Ukraine. 

Tables were swiftly laid out, then laden with books from all the donations during the week, small tables and chairs adorned with tablecloths and a vase of daffodils, kettles were on the go, and cakes arriving.  

Bunting, ribbons and balloons decorated the fences, which added to the atmosphere.

Our first customers arrived at 9.45am, having just finished Shrewsbury Park Run, which set the scene for a steady flow of people arriving over the course of three hours, happily donating £5 in return for a coffee, some cake and a book.  

Browsing the books in the bright sunshine, eating vast quantities of delicious cakes handmade by many of our members, and being revived by tea and coffee served by our willing team of helpers   

Those attending were able to enjoy sitting in the bright sunshine watching, first, our mini-tennis and then the rusty racquet group enjoying their tennis.
Earlier this year, Town Walls Tennis Club held another charity fundraiser - we support a different charity each year - and one of the two prize-winners elected to donate his prize to be auctioned off with money going to Ukraine. This item alone raised £55 towards our total.

Thanks also to those outside the club, Shrewsbury Park Runners, Shrewsbury Shufflers, Shrewsbury Lawn Tennis Club, neighbours, friends and anyone who was drawn in, united to show their support for a country at war.    
We are delighted to say that money raised for Ukraine currently stands at £1,457.